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Organic artisanal cheese from Piemonte

Our history

Our dairy was opened in 1998 when we were tired of daily work based solely on frenzy to obtain results at any cost. We decided to compete with the rhythms imposed by nature, sure that nature itself could be a good teacher and a life counselor. The adventure has begun to take us along a path, perhaps a little uphill, but it also allowed us to appreciate the simple details of existence and to give the right importance to those small values that the world wants to pass unnoticed

We rediscovered the importance of small things that made us aware of how all foods, and therefore our cheeses, could have influenced human organism by helping or debilitating it, according to their "quality". That is why we have found it crucial to take a long series of decisions involving: only Italian raw material and as much as possible at km 0; the working methods mustn’t alter the proprieties of a good raw material; production times and aging have to respect the rhythms of nature, not be forced by any chemical or technological artifice

Our history

Our choices:

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